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Booking Online

If you have trouble booking online please text 07921557253 and we will book the appointment for you. 

If you are a new client wanting botox please book a consultation with Nurse Zoe first  

Please note if you have recently taken Antibiotics or are on regular long term medication please message before booking an appointment.

Some medications will affect the outcome of the treatments.

Treatments will not take place if you are:
Pregnant, Breastfeeding, have Arthritis, active cold sores, impetigo.
Once an appointment has been booked please ensure you confirm the appointment (step by step instructions via text or email will be sent) if booked online then this will automatically be part of the process.
Failure to confirm, will not secure the appointment and it will automatically be removed.

Note: Top ups/perfection visit
must be booked with the staff member that the main treatment was booked with.
i.e. 3 areas with Alexa, top up with Alexa

Permanent Make Up & Scalp

Below is some important information that you need to read before

commencing with your booking!

Firstly, I cannot treat you if:

You're under 18yrs old

Have Type 1 Diabetes

Have Keloid Scarring

Have any Acne in your brows at the time of treatment 

Are pregnant or breastfeeding

Have Glaucoma or taking any blood thinning medication (i.e. Warfarin, Aspirin)

Have skin diseases such as Psoriasis or Eczema in or around the brow area

Have transmittable blood conditions such as HIV or Hepatitis 

Have a Haemophilia

If you have a healing disorder or uncontrolled high blood pressure

You're on any skin medication such as Accutane or Steroids

Have active skin cancer

If you're undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy (consult your Oncologist)

You have had Botox &/or Filler within the last 4 weeks

You have had brow tinting within the last 2 weeks


Brows, Lips, Eyeliner & Scalp

Do I need a Patch Test?

A PATCH TEST is required 48hrs before your appointment, if you do not live within 10 miles of our clinic then one can be sent out in the post (please email your address, stating 'Patch Test' in the subject box to

if for some reason you don't have a patch test then a scratch test can be performed 60minutes before your treatment, therefore please ensure you arrive early to have this done.

How long does the treatment take?

Length of each treatment can be found in the description on the Fresha platform when booking your appointment 

Do you have a consultation?

All consultations are done on the day of the treatment, you can book just a consultation and patch test should you wish to, just select consultation in the SPMU section.

How much do SPMU treatments cost?

Costs for SPMU or SMP can be found in the description on the Fresha Platform when booking.

A £75 deposit is required to secure an appointment & is only refundable should you have a reaction to the patch test.

Clients can move there appointment as long as you give 48hrs notice, if not a further deposit would be required.

I've SPMU treatment before, can I still get them done?

If you have previously had an SPMU treatment (not by me) then I would need you to send some clear photos of the are to so I can make a judgement on whether I can help you. Sometimes based on colour density & whether they are uneven or not I may not be able to help.

If you're unsure then just book a SPMU consultation only, this way I can take a look & discuss your options

Pre Procedure Information

Please bare in mind prior to booking your appointment that there are some things that will have an affect on the results so please ensure you fully adhere to the following:

Absolutely NO sunbathing/sunbeds 7 days before or after your procedure

Avoid exercise after the procedure for 7-10 days, as the salts from sweating may break down the pigment & causing them to fade significantly 

No Botox or Filler treatments 4 weeks prior to the procedure, the pressure of my hands on your face may move products around. You can also have a dropped or spook brow from Botox which could result in uneven brows a few weeks down the line

Please also be mindful that clients are more sensitive when on your menstrual cycle& the procedure can be a little more uncomfortable, it may therefore be better to book an appointment outside this time.

If you are interested in training to become an SPMU artist?

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